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Paying Guest & Service Apartments Bangalore

Bangalore serviced apartment and paying guest accommodation
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Various Accommodation Options in Bangalore-

Paying Guest, Homestays and Service Apartments in Bangalore

NestInn also has Separate Professionally run Bangalore Paying Guest for men and women. Best Short Term Accommodation for visiting guests and working professionals. They are not like typical Bangalore PGs meant for students. To know details, please visit Website by clicking on this link -- Paying Guest Accommodation in Bangalore (Or Visit the URL http://www.amasto.com )

Tariff: Starting from Rs. 2000/- per month onwards

Single Occupancy Room P.G. Accomodation Charges Rs. 6000 --- Rs. 10000

2 Persons Sharing One Room Rs. 3000---- Rs. 5000

3-4 People Sharing ----Rs. 2500

5 Ladies or Gents Sharing and above Rs. 1500

Food Charges as per the menu

To Enquire Tariff & Other Details OR to Book P G Accommodation in Bangalore

Please call 91-98804 31310

Please also have a look at the details given below:

Following amenities are offered in the PG run by NestInn in Bangalore. This is why many from Corporate Houses think this is so special and is suitable for their executives. Please ask for any further clarification.

Men Paying Guest Accommodation

Paying guest accommodation for Men taking care of individual requirements.

  • Option of sharing the house with 2 or more members
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Attached toilet rooms
  • Excellent homely food � both south Indian and North Indian type
  • News paper and TV facilities
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Two wheeler and Car parking lots
  • Round the clock hot water facility

Women Paying Guest Accommodation

We provide Paying Guest Accommodation for Women taking care of individual requirements. Our PG house is located in a decent location that is very much suitable for working women and students.

Nest Inn Paying Guest Accommodation:

  • Option of sharing the house with 2 or more members
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Attached toilet rooms
  • Excellent homely food � both south Indian and North Indian type
  • News paper and TV facilities
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Two wheeler and Car parking lots
  • Round the clock hot water facility

We give you a description about Homestays, Paying Guest Bangalore, and Serviced Apartment in Bangalore. This, we hope, will be helpful when you want to choose the right Accommodation Facility in Bangalore. Please also keep in mind that a long term Accommodation may not be always suitable for executives staying for a few months' project work. Please visit this link to compare Service Apartments in Bangalore & Long term Rental Apartments / Houses

Now you may Compare Our Executive Type PG Accommodation with other typical Paying Guest facilities elsewhere and feel the difference.

For those who are relocating to Bangalore from other cities, especially for those who return to home from abroad, some understanding about various Accommodation Options in Bangalore is indispensable. In the recent years, Service Apartments have acquired considerable popularity and acceptability among professionals who visit Bangalore frequently. Still there is a lack of clarity about certain terms used to represent types of accommodation facilities.

What you can expect in a Bangalore Paying Guest Accommodation:

PG Accommodation and Homestays - A comparison
PG Accommodation
Paying Guest is usually meant for a period of one month to a few years. Homestays are usually booked by travelers for a few days, a few weeks or maximum of One or Twomonths' period.
PG is a place where you can just study, eat and sleep. Many homestays give value added services like ayurvedic treatment, massaging therapy, service of a tourist guide, car rental or Taxi booking help etc.
PG accommodation are preferred by students and young unmarried working women and men, they have such an ambience, liked / preferred by students. Homestays have very relaxing ambience.
Accommodation on sharing basis. In Homestays either you get exclusive non-sharing bedrooms or a whole house.
Bath Room / toilet (some times non-attached) In almost all Homestays, you have attached Bath rooms and toilets.
Table, chair, bureau- You get basic furnitures. Most Homestays are furnished with Luxury items, some times exotic traditional type house hold items.
A common Dining Room where food is served 3 times a day at fixed time. In Homestays you either have your own dining area and kitchen or Guests eat along with the Hosts.
A TV in the common area- Often too many people watch it together. Most often than not, In Homestays, you get the freedom to chose your favourite channels
A geyser in all bath-room to supply hot water.- Running Hot water available. In Homestays, you have running hot water.
Drinking water. It is very unlikely you get mineral water or purified water In most homestays you get purified water or bottled drinking water.
Most PGs are located in crowded places close to the cities. There is not enough common area to relax or you can not expect balcony for your bedrooms, as PG facility on most occasions than not, would be run in old type buildings, located in lower-middle-class areas closer to Educational Institutions etc. Most Homestays are located in exotic locations. You can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the nature away from the city crowd.
For Large PG facilities, you can expect Security guard at the gate. Mostly illiterate Servants work in PGs to clean the premises. Normally traditional local food is cooked and serviced by a servant. In most Homestays, the Home owner or the care taker attend to most of your needs. They can guide you about tourist places, arranging transportation etc.
Some Paying Guest Accommodation follow strict time schedule. Guests are expected to be back home before it is too late. This is more true about Women PGs. In most Homestays, there is no such restriction. Freedom is the watch-word.

For example, Bed and Breakfast is a popular concept in the west. Due to the phenominal growth in the tourism sector in the recent years, service apartment in bangalore the Indian equivallent of B & B, which is locally called " Homestays " have also got acce- ptability in the tourist hubs like Kerala, Coorg (Kodagu), Mysore etc. While in many of the Tourism hubs, Homestays are popular, the concept of

Paying Guest Accommodation is popular in big cities, especially in Bangalore.

The word meaning of Homestay and Paying Guest is same. Home-stay = you stay in another family home. Paying-Guest = The Guest who pay and Stay with a family.

But home stays and Paying Guest (PG) are not the same. There is some ambiguity here. Those travelers who have stayed in the homestays elsewhere in India tend to look for similar homestay accommodations in Bangalore. And they are more likely to get disappointed. Reason - The concept of Homestay has never got wide acceptability in Bangalore due to many reasons.

However, It is estimated that there are thousands of P.G Accommodations run in Bangalore.

The Origin of the phrases Paying Guest, (or PG Accommodation), Homestay in Bangalore, and Bangalore Service Apartments:

P.G facilities are opted mostly by Students and Working Women. Typically these Paying Guest Accommodations accommodate 2.3 or 4 (Some times upto 6 ) members in a bedroom. As the requirements of these students are different from that of a working professional, it is difficult for a visiting professional to stay in such a facility. Though most Paying Guest Rooms provide independent beds for each member, some of the lower-end PGs have tier-systems of beddings, . Apart from a bed, a student staying in a PG also gets a table with chair and a bureaue or Almirah to store his /her belongings. Each Paying Guest facility may have 2 or more such bed rooms and in most cases, may have either attached bathrooms/toilet for each room.

Homestays and paying guest accommodations are catering to an entirely different segment of guests. Some of the high-end Homestays are more like bed and breakfast or a vacation rental in the west.

Service Apartment are more like an extended stay Hotel.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

The service apartment in Bangalore is a fully furnished apartment rented out for short term accommodation. Some Serviced apartments also provide the service of a care taker. Service Apartment provides amenities like telephone, internet, Laundry Service, housekeeping etc. Unlike in Homestay, in Service Apartments, you dont stay with your Local hosts. (There are a few Homestays, where you stay independently). Compared to Home Stays, in Service Apartments, you have better business amenities. You get the amenities of a Hotel and at the same time it is more spacious and much more relaxed environment. This is why Corporate houses as well as individual Business Executive Traveler prefer taking up Bangalore service appartment. If Cost factor is considered, business clients like to stay in Service Apartments rather than hotel rooms and the company or the independent Traveler saves on expenses of food and other services.